Saturday, October 5, 2019

Top 5 Zubeen Garg Best Movies, Upcoming Next Movies, Box Office Collections

Top 5 Movies of Zubeen Garg

  1. Mon Jai
  2. DinoBondhu
  3. Tumi Mur Mathoo Mur
  4. Mission China
  5. Kanchenjunga
Please Tell Us in the comment section which movie is the Best Zubeen Garg movie as an actor according to you and which one is the worst.

Zubeen Garg also did special apearenced (cameo) in some Assamese and Hindi movies.

All Zubeen Garg Cameos
  • Big Brother
  • Ahetuk
  • Gangster
  • Nedhekha Nodir Xippare
  • Prem Prem Aru Prem
  • Ramdhenu
  • Ratnakar
Top Hit Movies of Zubeen Garg and Box Office Collection (approx).
  1. Kanchenjunga (6Crore)
  2. Mission China(4.5Crore)
  3. Gaane Ki Aane(1 Crore)
  4. The Underworld(1 Crore)
  5. Priyar Priyo(75 lacs)
  6. Tumi Mur Mathu Mur(22 lacs)

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